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In today’s competitive world and especially given the current financial climate, the “need for speed” and hunger for increased bandwidth, both in the backbone and more recently to the desktop, has seen the meteoric uptake in the higher end cabling systems.

Not content with the more familiar and mundane Category 5e/Class D and Category6/Class F links and the obvious limitations they attract, the industry as a whole, is experiencing the new exciting dawn of the 10G cabling systems, with Category6A/Class E, Category 7/Class F and even Category 7A/Class FA becoming more common, as companies, looking to implement a new cabling system, are wanting to capitalise on a greater return on investment from their cabling infrastructure.

Many organisations, when considering new cabling systems, are now looking to take the leap from Category 5e to either Category 6A or Category 7 and view the step from Cat5e to 6 as one that provides very little by way of an advantage, especially when they consider what their competitors may be considering for implementation.

It is our belief that this forward thinking and those early adopters, of these new cabling systems, will reap the benefit for years to come, whilst those who decide to install Category 6 may have to re-cable again in quick succession to play catch-up with their competitors.

Those who work within the IT cabling industry recognise the advantages that these new cabling systems bring; however, if we are to be totally honest and truthful and provide our partners with continued unbiased advice, they are not conducive to every environment.

To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements in further detail. 


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